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09-Dec-2017 21:17

He invited us in to look around, so we got to go up and down the big freight elevator and he found some old music boxes that were never used that he gave to us (Westclox made one or two little clocks with a music box in them).

You just can’t imagine the size of this factory it’s just gigantic.

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I took it all apart and asked my dad to help me put it back together, but he cut his finger on the spring. A few years later my grandma gave me one that worked, and my aunt gave me another one.

During their peak of popularity, Westclox sold many, many repair parts for their clocks.

As a result, they needed to help clockmakers identify the parts they need by the use of catalogs and a part number.

The problem is that most collectors would have a difficult time opening their clocks and viewing the stamped date between the plates of the movement.

In this interview Bill Stoddard talks about collecting antique Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks, and discusses clock collecting in general.I took it back and the repairman told me it was like a large Timex watch and just not worth being fixed.

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