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The reporting party’s identity will be kept confidential.Adult Protective Services (APS) Social Workers investigate and seek to correct situations of abuse and neglect.The Adult Protective Services (APS) is designed to protect the health and safety of anyone ages 18 to 64 who, because of their mental or physical disability is unable to effectively protect themselves against abuse or neglect, or anyone aged 65 or older, who is suspected of being abused or neglected.APS services are free of charge without regard to income or property if a need exist(s).She got as far as Red Bluff, where after turning down a couple of would-be pickups (one from a group of guys who were all too excited at seeing a young woman alone, and one from a couple who weren't going far enough for her to want to bother with), she got in a car with Cameron Hooker (Zane Holtz) and his wife Janice (Zelda Williams).Lifetime showed this and then a documentary about the same case in which Colleen Stan agreed to participate and revisit the scenes of her humiliation and seven-year ordeal: the home in which the Hookers lived and in which she was imprisoned in their basement and routinely suspended from a ceiling beam by her wrists and beaten by Cameron; later the trailer they moved into when Cameron's landlord started to get suspicious and told them that for insurance purposes he was going to have to enter their basement and inspect their furnace; and the truly horrific contraption Cameron built for her after that, since the mobile home didn't have a basement.

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Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Redding?The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) provides assistance to eligible low-income aged, blind and disabled individuals (including children) who are unable to remain safely in their own homes without assistance. Some of the services which can be authorized through IHSS are light house cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, and personal care services such as feeding, bathing, dressing and accompaniment to medical appointments.For more information, please visit our IHSS Section. Settlement Agreement Notice of IHSS Class Action Settlements AVISO DE ACUERDO DE CONCILIACIÓN EN LAS DEMANDAS Below are a few helpful resources.The film also builds up tension over Colleen's demands to be allowed to go home and see her family, which in the movie happens shortly before she's released but in reality happened about four years into her captivity — and the fact that she returned to Cameron after the visit became a key point in Cameron's defense when the police finally arrested him."Girl in the Box" is one of those stories that's so incredibly compelling even glitches in the telling can't sap it of its interest.

The biggest area in which I give Stephen Kemp points is that he's able to make all three principals genuinely interesting characters rather than cardboard heroines or villains; Janice comes off as part-perpetrator, part-victim; Cameron shows off a real personal charm even though we hate him for his actions (one could see why a woman would fall in love with him and go along willingly with at least some of his demands, and the fact that he's a nice person on the surface and a villain only underneath makes him scarier than if he'd been played as a typical looney-tunes movie psycho); and Colleen comes off as a sympathetic victim but also an almost terminally naïve one."Girl in the Box" is a quite good film, occasionally oppressive in the fantasy sequences Kemp put in to emphasize Colleen's spirituality and its role in getting her through her ordeal (she never seems to have encountered what theologians call the "theodicy" problem — i.e., why an all-knowing and all-loving God would have let that horrible thing happen to her in the first place) but mostly well directed, well written and beautifully acted.

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