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Couldn't they use their work force in a better way?Recently, a lot of old established escort websites from East European countries were shut down by the order of authorities. They have disconnected various Kiev escort agency websites over the past months after a new law took effect banning porn and commercial sex from this fast developing East European country.Their efforts have been in vain since they faced the same problem as London in 2012.With prostitution being a legal business authorities had to keep their hands of off the ladies who sold love for local currencies.Conveniently, find your felicific calculus and receive relaxation and fun!Visit Travel Sex Guide first before starting your next exotic escort sex vacation and make the best choice!

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Please, seek your info from any of those world sex guides. They claim to be from the Brazilian tourism ministry.

The hot lists are good resources to find new providers. Seems like this website model is more or less dead. Read More and view images »For many years has been one of the largest membership based sites for sex and travel.

Traveling gentlemen looking for adult entertainment and related resources found great information of value here.

They keep asking us not to use images from Brazil and national symbols to promote sex tourism.

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Obviously, we do neither use any of it nor do we promote sex tours, but they keep mailing us the same cease and desist email over an over again without taking notice of our replies.We are currently working on expanding Travel Sex Guide TV from the old style handmade page to a database driven management system.

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”, devem estar se perguntando os leitores da seção.… continue reading »

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