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12-Dec-2017 05:12

A survey conducted by researchers at New York’s Albany Medical College found that 88 percent of 43 device reps said they had provided verbal instructions to a doctor during surgery, while 37 percent had participated in a surgery in which they felt their involvement was excessive, often because the surgeon lacked sufficient expertise.

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The surgeon, with whom he had not previously worked, refused all preoperative training, including watching a video, on a new ,000 hip replacement system. The surgeon repeatedly cursed at him and at the circulating nurse, who continually monitors the patient and is responsible for ensuring that the proper equipment is available, as he struggled to perform the procedure.

They “are only present at the behest of the physician and only as a trainer,” and they provide “a live interactive resource.” Their value, Chang said, lies in their expertise, which can make surgery faster and more efficient.