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She is wearing a green visor with the phrase "Penis-Centric" written across the brim. Inside the living room are six couples, all of whom introduce themselves using their real names, then their fake names, which proves a bit complicated, as some people have chosen the same fake names, and now must decide—based on a coin toss—who gets to be called what in the final article.

Once the smoke clears however, one thing is made abundantly obvious: Next to recovering alcoholics, swingers are probably the most talkative people on earth.

Peter and the guys question if Joe is still happy being a police officer since he was taken off patrol and assigned to deskwork.

A day later, Joe gives Peter a ride to work when a call comes over the radio about a drug deal in process.

It's still really kind of a taboo." Next I speak to Selma's husband John, a 52-year-old man with graying hair and the laidback demeanor you'd expect from someone who's spent the better part of a decade having sex with other men's wives.

He doesn't seem in a rush to do anything, even allowing the Eagles CD on the stereo to skip several times before taking it out and replacing it with an album by the Rolling Stones.

The walls are painted a dark turquoise and there are little neon green stickers in the shape of stars stuck all over the ceiling.

It reminds me of a college dorm room decorated by that kid you meet freshman year who sold lots of Ecstasy until about late October, when the police knocked on his door and no one ever saw him again.

"It's imperative that everyone who comes here, no matter who they are or what they do, has fun and feels safe. What consenting adults do while they're here is between them." MY VERY FIRST SWINGER PARTY A few weeks after talking to Smith I find myself at the front door of a modest-sized home on a unseasonably warm night in late May, notebook in hand, ready to attend my first swinger party.

After giving me a tour of the place, which includes a dance floor, bar, and 11 private rooms upstairs, Smith makes an admission.

"I went through a divorce a few years back, and it taught me a lot about myself," he says candidly.

Amid the pounding of carpenter's hammers and drills, he speaks candidly about the numerous misconceptions surrounding the swinging community.

"I'll tell you the same thing I tell everyone," he says. The people you see there are a perfect example of the demographic we get at this club. If you come here thinking it's an easy way to get laid, you're mistaken.

In order to get a firsthand peek at the swinger lifestyle, I've been invited here on the condition I won't take pictures or use anyone's real names in my final article.