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Regular prenatal care: Ideally, prenatal care begins as soon as you learn you are pregnant.

However, prenatal care at any point in pregnancy is good for your health and the health of your growing baby.

The availability of prenatal health care providers depends on where a mother lives and the health status of the mother and baby.

In addition to a primary health care provider, health care professionals such as Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, and others may also be involved in providing prenatal care.

Throughout your pregnancy, you may be offered a variety of different medical and laboratory tests.

This could include: The supporting evidence is written in third person and is aimed at prenatal education providers.

Prenatal education can be presented both in-person and online.

The main goal of prenatal care is to ensure a healthy mother and baby.It is not intended to be shared directly with new and expectant families; it is meant to provide the background information and evidence for the key messages.The information in this document is not meant to indicate to health care providers how to provide routine prenatal care.It is important that you have a primary health care provider you trust and feel comfortable with.

Each time you visit your health care provider, you can ask questions about your pregnancy.'A paediatrician had told us he thought Seb might have a chromosome disorder, but he didn't go into detail.