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Jeavons (Philly Jacks): When I was 16 and I started to take the train into the city everyday to go to college, I very quickly discovered that the men’s room at the train station had this long line of urinals, and pretty much anytime I went in there, there were some friendly men playing with their dicks.And I was a fucking horny 16-year-old, so I just loved it.And by the time I started going (around 1986 or 1987), it was actually still a membership club where you had to be sponsored by somebody.I was lucky that I had friends who were in it, and I went up there and it was just this insane paradise.

I was also occasionally going up to the New York Jacks, which started pre-HIV and AIDS.

Two frumpy, grey-haired men — the only ones in the entire bar — beckoned us to enter, but we left without so much as a hello or a drink.

We had yet to learn of the delights of older, more experienced men.

He’s a slender, adorkable 57-year-old man with a bushy, blond-grey beard and an easygoing demeanor.

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For the last 24 years, Jeavons has held Philly Jacks’ weekly jerk-off events in this space, which doubles as the city’s Radical Faerie sanctuary and his home.When I started going to the jerk-off clubs, and when I started our club here, there were no effective treatments for AIDS at all.