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He got a job with Tony Di Mera and got proof of one of Sami's schemes to switch the paternity test on Lexi and Abe's child, to prove it wasn't Brandon Walker's baby (she was in love with Brandon).

He celebrated the news with Tony, and Sami burst in angry and wound up in critical condition after going through the glass at the Di Mera mansion.

* Lucas has forgiven Sami a million times but has also done his fair share of bad deeds. He had a fling with rock star, Cherish, and then moved on to loving Carrie Brady, who was dating (his brother) Austin.

* Lucas has helped Kate frame Sami for murdering Franco Kelly. He didn't know yet that Austin and Billie were his siblings.

Franco Kelly tried to kill Kate before his marriage to Sami, and Lucas killed Franco to defend his mother.

Kate planted the gun on Sami and framed her and Lucas was forced to go along with it or face life without Will.

They got an annulment and he moved in with Sami in order to be closer to Will.

Eventually Sami and Lucas found their way back to each other and when Sami was dating EJ Wells, Will and Lucas tried what they could to break the two up - they succeeded when Lucas came into her apartment one night when EJ was about to have sex with Sami.

Will was conceived but Sami assumed that the child was Austin's child.He and Austin butt heads often while he and Billie eventually become closer.

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