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30-Aug-2017 07:04

The more I can learn about them, the better.”Computers help e Love consultants search the client database to find matches faster, but otherwise, technology hasn’t changed the business, said Paul Falzone, the company’s chief executive and co-owner.

Aquidneck’s renaming as Rhode Island (a name that came to be used as shorthand for the whole colony) by the English in 1644 may have come in part from English settlers’ confusion between two foreign sources: Giovanni da Verrazzano’s earlier comparison of Block Island to the Greek island of Rhodes, and the name Roodt Eyland (Red Island), which the Dutch had given to Aquidneck because of its red soil.

In a way, dating websites have helped the matchmaking business. Mc Graw realize they can’t trust what people say on the Internet, they sometimes choose this more expensive, but more reliable, alternative. Mc Graw, of Lexington, met seven men before she was introduced to the Littleton man who became her boyfriend. Consultants such as Brenan Mc Garrigle, a veteran matchmaker who works in e Love’s Shrewsbury office, ask a lot of questions before they match a potential couple.“We don’t talk about surfacey fluff stuff,” she said.