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In the meantime while I twiddled my thumbs I learned that MANY sex workers have applied to be verified only to be turned down. Maybe they just didn’t read them, I mean if your job was to wade though bullshit about verifying some boring motivational speaker why would you want to read really compelling interesting stuff by a best Selling NY Times writer or Vice magazine.Oh and just as an aside, im followed and follow more then my fair share of Verified accounts because yanno all us newsworthy and relevant people know each other and have secret handshakes and stuff.With the tangential method, the greater the build or drop rate, the greater the error.Also, the distance between surveys has an effect on the quantity of the error.Full out your bio, add your birthday, enable 2 factor authentication, conform your phone and email, send in some links, upload your ID, write a 500 character essay on why you should be verified.

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Though you can bet your ass if I somehow spilled my old Washington DC or Hollywood client lists they’d be all the fuck over me trying to verify me after the wold caught on fire.I see a few international organizations and a had full of high profile porn starts.