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Blog posting can be received by e-mail and through various feeds such as RSS by visiting the Blog and registering for the appropriate service. Benson Pocket Watches Due to the way I track stock on my Excel spread sheet from which this list is derived, the list will not normally include items on the web site but reserved nor those still in final test and not available for shipment, however the latter are shown above under New Stock. Benson "Greenwich Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1938 370S798 J. Benson "City Watch" (Tavannes), Silver 15J 1937 355S849 J. Benson (Revue), Silver 15J c1930 300American Pocket Watches W717 Waltham 1892-PSB 2-Tone, Chrome 17J 1907 420W737 Waltham 1908-620, Gold 15J 1908 325W735 Waltham 1888-20 Two tone, Gold 11J 1897 320W705 Waltham 1899-620 , Gold 15J 1902 315W723 Keystone Howard Series 5, Gold 19J 1915 500 W677 Keystone Howard Duracy, Silveroid 7J c1910 275Swiss Pocket Watches S829 Stauffer (Revue), Nickel 15J c1930 280S841 Omega Labrador, Silver 15J 1902/3 380S851 LB&F (Omega) Labrador, Gold 15J 1898 380S816 Omega, Silver 15J 1906 355S852 Omega for Rowe., Silver 15J 1911 335S822 Tavannes 919 Lepine, Gold 15J 1937/8 300S746 Cyma Admiral, Silver 21J 1926 375S624 Cyma, Silver 15J 1919 260S703 Limit (Revue) , Silver 15J 1919 280S682 DF&C Selezi (Revue), Silver 15J 1919 305S549 Gaydon & Sons (Vertex / Revue), Silver 15J 1924 290S712 Limit No2 (Revue), Silver 15J 1937 250S847 Bren, Silver 15J Half Hunter,1926 425S835 Bren, Silver 15J 1925 285S781 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 15J Half Hunter,c1910 380S707 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 15J 1919 265Dress & Fob Watches.

Particularly good, rare or interesting watches are usually put on my Facebook page and frequently sell within hours or even minutes so to stand the best chance of getting one of these it would be best to follow me on Facebook. Gold refers to Rolled, Filled and, rarely, solid Gold. W676 Waltham 1894-220, Gold 15J 1918 270W387 Waltham 1894-220 , White Gold 15J 1920 280Discounted Old Watches - mainly re-cased. With the number of display cabinets and stands at the Brackley Antiques Cellar together with the large number of items sold each day it would be totally impractical for the staff to tell me when items have sold, so I usually have to go there to see what has sold, updates on Brackley stock will therefore be less frequent.

If you are going on a day trip within the area, then Tree Zone is sure to keep you occupied for hours.The International Man will in the near future be launching its own PRIVILEGE & BENEFIT VIP MEMBERSHIP CARD - named simply 'The Card'.Members will receive special privileges, benefits and preferential rates with selected partner hotels, restaurants, our LUXURY WEBSHOP, and more.And- it’s Sven’s unique scary sense of humor that makes each program a frightfully funny experience!

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While based in the Chicago area, Svengoolie has fans all over the country- proven by the fact that they voted him “Best Horror Host of 2009” in the national Rondo horror awards!

Tree Zone is an outdoor activity that involves high ropes.

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Normally reliable sources do not agree on the matter (with those written pre-launch suggesting the character is Russian, and post-launch Serbian or Croatian), and the actual game itself is just ambiguous enough about the subject to create dissent (and of course this is a part of the world where nationalist feelings run high, see Balkanization - even the order that Croatia and Serbia are listed also offends some.).… continue reading »

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One of his first acts, within two months of his father's death, is to marry Catherine.… continue reading »

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Law student Kristen Sheppard drives her husband Quinn Halloran, who had hoped to start a new life together on the Florida Keys, to despair, stubbornly preparing a divorce.… continue reading »

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