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L5 and colleagues at Scarborough CIB were then paid an hour by Mr Roberts for private security work.

In more than five hours in the witness box, L5 rattled off dates, cases, incidents and name after name of allegedly corrupt police as he went through his career from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s.

While L5's evidence so far had been very general, in time it might give many people grounds to come forward and say they had been telling the truth in the past when they claimed they had been beaten up or verballed.

Mr Quail said that after the inquiry, the WA Government should give a big boost to Legal Aid to ensure such people had help to pursue appeals.

The names were suppressed by Commissioner Geoffrey Kennedy.

In the most damaging day of evidence since the commission opened last year, L5 detailed how, bored by routine police work, he became an undercover officer in the drug squad.

"I would end up wrestling on the floor with somebody, punching and kicking.

But as a general rule, it was more a case of just slaps and some punches.

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When officers returned to Kununurra, some bought pink Argyle diamonds from a jeweller's shop.

In NSW, at least 17 people had convictions quashed following admissions of tainted evidence at the Wood royal commission into police corruption.