What is considered illegal dating

09-Feb-2018 15:49

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As for arguments against statutory rape laws, it seems unfair that the same law that punishes a 50-year old stranger who molests an 8 year old, punishes an 18-year old girlfriend who has sex with her 17-year old boyfriend.

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It doesn't matter if: Dear Panel, I am 16, almost 17, and have been dating a 21 year old for 2 years.

Determining that age is so difficult that the laws are different for each country, and in different parts of the same country!

The other problem is that the law does not care how mature you are, or whether you personally are capable of giving informed consent.

If the age of consent in their location is 16, for example, it would be statutory rape.

Dear Panel, I'm confused about what exactly statutory rape is.In other words, they can't really understand what they are consenting to.