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The 3-D underwater camera, a sinfully expensive, one-of-a-kind device, dangles on a pulley in front of him.

Assistants slowly and carefully lower the 80-kilogram (176-pound) camera, as it dangles only a few precarious centimeters from the edge of the hole.

Seit Juli 2015 Korrespondent in der Redaktionsvertretung Brüssel. His body fell into the flooded cave and sank into the water. Today, he stares at divers out of empty eye sockets.

His skull seems to be pushing its way out of the soil, as if he were trying to rise from the dead, to rise up from the sand, shake the tiresome sediment from his bones and escape from the silent darkness.

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is dotted with thousands of caves that once housed prehistoric people and later became sacred to the Mayans.

German archaeologists and filmmakers are currently involved in a project to explore with modern imaging technology and make a 3-D film of this underwater labyrinth. Studium der Anglistik, Geschichte und Germanistik in Bochum und Newcastle upon Tyne, Magister-Abschluss 1999.

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When sea levels rose dramatically after the last ice age, about 10,000 years ago, the water level in the caves, which are connected to the Atlantic, also rose.

The others would probably want to follow him, because he isn't alone.

The remains of more than 125 people lie in the Las Calaveras cenote.

Diving in caves is already more dangerous and technically challenging than anywhere else.

But with an 80-kilogram camera, lots of lights and constant changes in the diving depth, it becomes backbreaking work.

Vander directs the rope himself, as drops of his sweat fall into the pit.