Guys with no dating experience

02-Sep-2017 12:35

If you tell a guy you have never had a boyfriend and then you get all shy and treat it as an embarrassment, then I can see him not knowing how to respond.But if you roll it off like it’s no big deal and follow it up with something like “if you saw the guys in my high school, you’d understand” then I can not imagine the right type of guy would be reaching for his coat as he excuses himself to the bathroom.I don’t see the big deal but for all these guys I meet they see it as a red flag and run the other way. Should I lie about my inexperience or just try to dodge the topic? — The Ultimate Virgin JAREK: I’ll be honest, 20 isn’t really all that late to be jumping in the game.

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And the sex thing doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

Now I am twenty, I live in a big city, have my own apartment, I work, I am a student and overall, I have become more outgoing. Whenever I’m kind of hitting it off with a guy and the question of past relationships comes up I am honest and tell them I have done nothing with a guy or been in a relationship before.

They all act extremely baffled at my inexperience and I think it drives them away.

She genuinely wants to know what my favorite color is before she divulges her name, let alone decides if she wants to go out on a date with me. The aforementioned “favorite color” girl was being a jerk for no reason. I got into a dating website because as I started working, I wasn’t meeting anybody new, nor finding the time to try, and this ironically was no different.

Girls will receive countless messages and will just be turned off by the number of times they are hit on, and good guys will be as subject to women ignoring them, being rude, being unavailable or being uninteresting.And you know what, they carried on like nothing was even the matter.

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