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Her pussy heated further when she bore one paper to a board member at the far end, parading past everyone, meeting the woman’s gaze with a plastic smile. Meredith wanted to watch her mother send herself deeper, but the desire dripped away like dew on a cool bottle, and she obeyed her hypnotist’s will.

She remembered being that plastic girl when she’d helped fire Anthony. Snapping her fingers, she said, “Mistress commands.

“She’s more personal assistant material,” Frances had said, and Meredith smiled bashfully on cue.

She wore a light-grey blazer and pleated skirt, with a tasteful little blue tab at her collar, but the skirt was short enough make her mother’s now-habitual minis seem demure.

But Frances wasn’t about to be freed, and after this long under Mistress’ control she was forever tamed. As always, each waking will leave you hungrier to be entranced, to be sent deeper into obedience. As her eyes focused she smiled at her daughter, not letting herself plead for another stare-induction. “Very pretty, Alice.” Frances looked right at her daughter. She closed her eyes and opened them, and Meredith shivered as her mother looked right through her and back at Mistress. Then, she felt the posthypnotic command light up in her mind and take control, like straps tightening into her crotch. She removed the maid uniform and hung it up, and then stood and looked around the room, seeing the things that had been Leslie’s. She remembered the other girl earlier, hypnotized into sleep, helpless to resist whatever Mistress was going to do to her to make Frances think she was punished. Meredith knelt and juiced, hearing her enslavement recounted so openly—and seeing her mother kneeling naked and docile, listening to how she’d been seduced into giving up her will. I left her conscious self in place but it was just a surface manifestation by then. She truly loved Meredith—as a friend, as a lover, whatever I reprogrammed her to perceive—and it would have been real, if Leslie had still had free will to back it up. She also knew she’d been brainwashed to believe that obeying Mistress was lovely and addictive and that no one would to disobey her once they’d become hers. Mistress controlled her mother’s mind, as she did Meredith’s. You control me and you made me like it and I want it. “For making me feel like this, and that I’ve been .

Frances had been too dazed the first time, but she was able later to ask why she needed the watch and Meredith didn’t. You’ll love the feeling—the women I’ve conditioned that way report it as almost addictive. Then her eyelids fluttered as she felt the posthypnotic suggestion seize her mind. She also remembered making love with Leslie, girlfriends pleasing each other under the control of nothing but love. It meant nothing beside her controlling urge to serve and obey and to help me control and deepen your daughter.” Frances blinked, breathed deeply, shivered. Either her mother was still obedient, or Mistress would hypnotize her and make her obedient again. The light hypnosis seemed to slow her mind and let her talk.

“Your daughter is already fully conditioned to my will, Frances dear,” Mistress had explained. And I’ll be hypnotizing you in person just as much, never fear.” Now Frances slept with her eyes open, ready to be a stranger in her own house when she was bidden to reenter it. “I must perform my task,” she whispered, and pivoted. Meredith reached down and drew her fingertips up her cunt. There was no sadness—she could actually feel the places now where Mistress had programmed her to feel tenderness for the other slave, to make her perform the role Mistress needed her for. A slave like Meredith needed only to wait for Mistress’ will. .” She looked up again and lost herself in Mistress’ stare, almost as if she’d leaped into it.

Meredith had thrilled to the words, and to her mother’s uneasy but envious look. I must obey.” “You’re just as responsive a subject, dear.” Mistress had caressed Frances and kissed her. In fact, I may even program you to enter trance spontaneously, so you can carry out some more complex tasks autonomously.” Frances had looked up, grateful and excited. Then you needn’t be disturbed to have to—reinstruct me . “Slave.” The spandex girl transfixed Meredith again, and when she finished speaking Meredith had something new to make her mother think. She minced to the desk and stood at attention, looking at Clare who mirrored her pose, still in her own trance. Leslie would still obey Mistress, though her new function probably involved deeper, more mindless submission. “Enslaving you instead certainly had practical appeal.

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Meredith waited with tranced poise at Frances’ elbow, warm in the stares but focused only on watching her mother for signals. They weren’t even all the way out of the foyer when Toybot’s hypnosis subroutine activated. The only thing she knew was the sweetly maddening compulsion to search the house, find her mother, and bring her to Mistress.

It put a subliminal wiggle into her walk as she returned to Frances’ side. .” She felt it start to entrance her and shook her head to clear it. I didn’t hear, Frances dear.” Mistress ensured it caught her again. We must attend her at once.” Frances shuddered, and seemed to stay in character.

Afterward, she followed Frances back to the office a meek two steps behind. Still holding herself erect, she pivoted and stared past Meredith. “We must attend.” The compulsion Mistress put into Meredith’s mind turned her back once she knew her mother was obeying, and they sleepwalked nude through their mansion. Meredith’s interruption had stilled her, but with no new commands she just stared at the far wall where they’d left her.

Her mother ignored her, listening to an earpiece and occasionally agreeing with whatever it told her. Entering Mistress’ presence woke them from their trances.

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Meredith had watched her receive the posthypnotic suggestion to wait until now to make the call. “It was like being a puppet, dancing on strings.” Meredith nodded. .” Frances’ mouth moved and her body seemed about to turn away, but she was already gazing up at the flashing light on the silver forehead. Kneel.” Without hesitation, Frances sank gracefully to her knees on the marble floor. Meredith vaguely recalled trance-labor with some of the spandex girls, converting the sunroom into a throne chamber for Mistress. Originally, I expected Capaldi would still be here. I don’t plan to throw you away.” She favored Meredith with a mischievous grin.

Mindless hours under the Instructress’ influence had toned her legs, and the sheer hose let the board see every contour. .” She moaned it, just as when she’d stood there over the bed while her lover-hypnotist fucked her daughter.

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