David hodges and kelly clarkson dating

27-Jun-2017 22:07

I laughed, but apparently so did this girls sister, so he must have been a stud or something.

I'm not really in to Kelly Clarkson's type of music, but I suppose I can make a few exceptions.

Then when I read that it was about her childhood, it made so much sense and it made me love this chick so much more. She would have made it big on her own even if it wasn't for A. She is real, full of heart ans spirit and so special. I love this song and it makes me cry, that says a lot!!!

She is so real and it bothers me when people think of her as just an A. This is one of my favorite songs and I like a lot of people relate to it because I saw my parents have trouble in their marriage due to drinking and other things.

i wish they would just seperate now so i dont have to endure the hatred any longer."i was so young you should have known not to lean on me". ive not really felt wat kelly felt when she wrote this song because my parents are still together and happy. This song reminds me of a girl I used to live with.

She never knew her father and her mother had a string of loser boyfriends who used to beat her up.

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Very strong lyrics and a great message to parents who choose to divorce. I had an alcoholic mother who suffered from severe delusions.

It's wonderful although I've never been through what she's been through but sometimes when my parents argue I feel almost the same way. I really feel that this song is not geared to the parent that left, but perhaps the parent that stayed.